GSO Grad Student Wins Award

GSO graduate student Victoria Paris Sacks was awarded 1st place by the Montgomery-Watson-Harza Consulting Engineers/Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors for her Master's Thesis "Validation of Polyethylene Passive Samplers for the Detection of Emerging Contaminants" in the Master's Thesis category.  Her research, advised by Dr. Rainer Lohmann, focused on using a novel, low-tech method of measuring waterborne contaminants from personal care products, pharmaceutical, and industrial processes not previously known as pollutants (e.g. polybrominated diphenylethers, nonylphenols, and triclosan).  

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RV Endeavor Heads to Gulf Oil Spill

As the effort to fight the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continues, the University of Rhode Island research vessel RV Endeavor is participating in studying the scope of the spill. The purpose of the mission, funded by the National Science Foundation, is to track, characterize and sample subsurface oil in the Gulf.

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