URI oceanographers, scientists present latest research at AGU Fall Meeting

gsobooth_aguaEarlier this month, faculty, staff and students from the URI Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO) were among hundreds of scientists presenting their research at the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

With about 24,000 participants last year, the group’s 49th annual fall meeting is the largest Earth and space science meeting in the world, giving researchers an opportunity to present their work, hear about the latest discoveries and network with colleagues.

Among the GSO faculty, researchers and students presenting their work to this international audience were doctoral student Casey Hearn (submerged Native American sites in Narragansett Bay); Director of the Inner Space Center Dwight Coleman (active fault lines off the southern California shore); professor Kathleen A. Donohue (the impact of sea-ice melting on deep internal waves in the Arctic); post-doctoral fellow Xueyang Bao and professor Yang Shen (tomography of the Tibetan Plateau); doctoral candidate Yackar Mauzole and professor Peter C. Cornillon (survey of sea-surface temperature fronts in the ocean); marine research specialist Katie Pratt (how to create a network of contacts for early-career scientists); professor Steven Carey (studies of Kick’Em Jenny volcano in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles); and professor John W. King, researcher Marie-Helene Cormier and marine research specialists Clifford W. Heil and Brian Caccioppoli (studies on earthquake hazards in the New York City region).

A full list of abstracts for the 40 or so GSO-affiliated presentations is available at: https://web.uri.edu/gso/blog/gso-at-the-agu-2016-meeting/.

—Adapted from an article by Elizabeth Rau, URI News Bureau.

Above: In addition to presenting their research at the AGU Fall Meeting, oceanography graduate students Casey Hearn, Jacob Balcanoff and Sierra Davis (pictured here, left to right) as well as Yackar Mauzole, Justine Sauvage and Tucker Sylvia took time to reach out to participants about the many exciting programs offered at GSO.