Sports Media and Communication B.A.


The world of sports media and communication opens up a wide variety of career opportunities for students interested in pursuing a future in the sports industry. As a Sports Media and Communication major, you will be immersed in historical, critical, analytical, practical, and professional approaches to sports communications disciplines. You will learn the most contemporary perspectives, technologies, platforms, and insights from industry professionals and experts who will help you discover your strengths and interests and aid you in developing your career aspirations. 

You will be taught and challenged by real-world professionals as well as renowned sports industry experts and celebrities. Faculty of the Major are among the very best and most respected in the field. You will get an insightful insider’s view of the importance of sports communication careers. 

The unique interdisciplinary nature of the major will give you a broad understanding of sports media as well as the many ways sports communication expertise translates into industries that span journalism, broadcasting, manufacturing, consulting, technology, management, and many more. A vital part of your major is on and off-campus internships. 

If you are excited by the sports world and are seeking a career that optimizes your skills and interests than the Sports Media and Communication Major is the right choice for you.



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