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  • Michael LaValva ’24 - Across his four years at URI, Michael LaValva ’24, communication studies and sports media and communication, took many opportunities to push himself both academically and professionally. As a student in the Honors Program, he worked with Professor Matt Hodler for his honors project. Alongside Hodler, LaValva’s project focused on one of his passions: tennis. He […]
  • Aniekan Okon ’23 - Aniekan Okon, journalism and sports media & communication, was part of the inaugural class of graduates from the sports media program. Today, he works as a Sports Anchor and Reporter at CBS19 News in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • Valerie Shields ’06 - “Work hard, but also be a little patient... you're gonna work for a long time. It'll come. Enjoy the journey because you're gonna learn a lot on your way there.”
  • Katie Siegle ’22 - “Harrington is great because a lot of the majors interact with one another. You can be any major, and you're doing similar things. It's all part of one school.”
  • Sherrie Session ’12 - “Think Big, We Do- is a motto I continue to live by today... I love the study of communications and hope to continue impacting the world through this lens.”
  • Aniekan Okon ’23 - Aniekan Okon '23, journalism and sports media and communication, plans to enter the news industry after graduation. Learn more about his plans.


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