Sports Media and Communication B.A.


Degree Requirements

  • 120 credits total required for graduation
  • at least 42 credits must be in courses numbered 300 or above
  • a minimum of 30 credits (maximum 45) in the major

Suggested Curriculum Timeline


First Year

URI 101: Planning for Academic Success
FLM 101 or 101H: Introduction to Film Media (Harrington Core)
COM 100: Communication Fundamentals (Harrington Core)
WRT 104: Writing to Inform and Explain (Harrington Core)
SCM 105: Production and Presentation Fundamentals (Harrington Core)
COM 203: Introduction to SMC (take in Spring/COM 100 is pre-req)
Gen Ed or Elective x5
Sophomore YearCOM 203: Introduction to Sports Media & Communication (Fall, if not taken in 1st year)
COM 204: Introduction to Sport
SMC 220: Sports Media
PRS 360: Strategic Sport Communication & Media
Gen Ed or Elective x5
Junior YearCOM 385: Crossover: Sports Communication Research (Gen Ed, B3)
SMC 303: Sport, Culture, and Media
SMC Elective x2
Elective (3XX - 4XX) x6
Senior YearCOM 410/FLM 495/JOR 411/PRS 490: Advanced Topics (HSCM Core)
SMC 477: Internship (or equivalent)
SMC Elective
Gen Ed or Elective x7



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