Course Descriptions

HLT 100G

Perspectives on Public Health in the 21st Century

(3 crs.) Introduces students to current and controversial public health topics; addresses the implications of contemporary public health topics from a health policy perspective (cost, quality, access) and from ethical standpoints. (Lec. 3/Online) (A2) (C1) (GC)

HLT 200

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Health

(4 crs.) Foundational and intermediate concepts, theories, and research in interdisciplinary perspectives on health. Includes applications to real world health-related problems. Emphasis on developing key knowledge and skills bases for the major. (Lec. 4/Online) (A2) (B4) Pre: Completion of HLT 100G, sophomore standing, and health studies major or permission of the instructor.

HLT 312

Intersecting Social Identities and Health

(3 crs.) Examines how identities, social roles, and social categories (i.e., race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, age, etc.) affect health from an interdisciplinary perspective. (Seminar) Pre: HLT 200 or HDF 357.

HLT 313

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Burnout

(3 crs.) This course will guide students through foundational works and will evaluate evidence-based research addressing burnout from multiple disciplinary perspectives. (Accelerated Online Program) Pre: HLT 100G or permission of instructor. (D1) (B4)

HLT 320

Health Communication

(3 crs.) Cross-listed as (HLT), COM 320. Communication is critical in disease prevention, health promotion and healthcare delivery. Ecological and systems perspectives guide the examination of health communication messages in individual, interpersonal, group, organizational, and mass/mediated contexts. (Lec. 3) Pre: HLT200 or HDF357 or COM221 or COM251 or COM210 or permission of instructor.

HLT 400G

Public Health: Social Justice and Advocacy

(3 crs.) This course introduces students to a comparative study of the relationship between public health and social justice using an ethical, global health, and environmental perspective. By emphasizing a broad integrative framework based on social justice, this course will help students to better understand the forces that have widened health inequalities worldwide and within societies. (Seminar) Pre: HLT 200 and junior standing or permission of instructor. (C3) (D1) (GC)

HLT 401

Current Issues in Health Education

(3 crs.) Cross-listed as (HLT), EDC 401. Designed to develop student awareness of contemporary issues that are of concern to school health and other health educators. Extensive review of contemporary literature and film and critical analysis of selected issues and their effect on health education at the local, national, and global level. (Online) Pre: Acceptance into teacher education program or permission of instructor.

HLT 450

Advanced Interdisciplinary Health Studies

(4 crs.) Capstone course required for all majors. Subject and content will vary from semester to semester. Student will research and offer solutions to a problem in health studies using interdisciplinary approaches. (Seminar/Online) Pre: completion of PSY 200 or STA 307 or STA 308; completion of HLT 200 with a C or higher; senior standing in health studies or permission of instructor.

HLT 490

Literature-based Research Independent Study

(1-3 crs.) With faculty approval, students can select to complete a research-based independent study. (Independent Study) Pre: HLT 200 and HLT 450 and permission of director.

HLT 491

Experiential Learning Independent Study

(1-3 crs.) With faculty approval, students can select to complete an experiential learning independent study. (independent Study) Pre: HLT 200 and HLT 450 and permission of director.