Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Studies

Health Promotion

This specialization is designed to prepare you for careers in fields whose primary emphasis is on facilitating individual, family, group, worksite, and community behavior change to promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors (e.g., increase exercise, smoking cessation, manage stress).

It also aims to improve life quality via the prevention and improved management of chronic illness and to help increase the length of life by reducing disease and increasing health-promoting behaviors.

child smiling next to healthy foods

Course Options

For the Health Promotion specialization, you must select a minimum of 18-24 credits (6 courses) from the list below. At least 4 courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. Courses selected must be from at least three different disciplines/departments.

Course #DescriptionPrerequisitesCredits
Biomed & Pharm Studies
BPS 201How Drugs Work3 credits
HLT/COM 320Health CommunicationsHTL 2003 credits
Gender and Women's Studies
GWS 350 Women and Health3 credits
GWS 350Women and Mental Health
3 credits
GWS 350Women and Aging3 credits
Health Studies
HLT 312Intersecting Social Identities & HealthHLT 2003 credits
HLT/COM 320Health Communication3 credits
HLT/EDC 401Current Issues in Health Education3 credits
Human Development and Family Studies
HDF 200Life Span and Development3 credits
HDF 201 Life Span Development II3 credits
HDF 310 Adolescent Growth and Development3 credits
HDF 312Adult Development3 credits
HDF 314 Intro to Gerontology
Complete 24 Credits3 credits
HDF 357 Family and Community Health (HR)
Jr. Standing3 credits
HDF 450 Introduction to CounselingPermission of Instr.3 credits
KIN 275 Introduction to Exercise Science
3 credits
KIN 325 Exercise Testing and Prescription
KIN 275 and KIN 3003 credits
KIN 425 Fitness and Wellness Program DevelopmentKIN 2753 credits
Nutrition and Food Sciences
NFS 207 Nutrition (HR)3 credits
NFS 212G Food, Nutrition, PeopleNFS 2073 credits
NFS 276GFood, Nutrition and People
NFS 2073 credits
NFS 360 Nutrition in Exercise and Sport
NFS 2073 credits
NFS 394 Nutrition in the Lifecycle I
NFS 276G3 credits
NFS 395 Nutrition in the Lifecycle IINFS 276G and NFS 3943 credits
PHP 201Intro to US Health Care System3 credits
PSY 255 Health Psychology (HR)3 credits
PSY 381 Physiological Psychology
Jr. Standing3 credits
PSY 460 The Substance Troubled Person
PSY 1133 credits
PSY 479 Topics: Health Promote (HR)3 credits
WRT 303Public Writing3 credits
WRT 332Technical Writing3 credits
WRT 388Proposal Writing for Clients3 credits