Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Studies

Global and Environmental Health

This specialization prepares you to address health problems and concerns that transcend national boundaries. The goals of the curriculum are to:

  1. Foster critical thinking about world health problems and disparities;
  2. Examine biological, social, economic, political, and environmental factors that influence global health problems;
  3. Develop practical strategies and sustainable international partnerships to address major global health and environmental challenges; and
  4. Inspire a commitment to real world change.
health worker giving a child an oral vaccine

Course Options

For the Global and Environmental Health specialization, you must select a minimum of 18-24 credits (6 courses) from the list below. At least 4 courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. Courses selected must be from at least three different disciplines/departments.

Course #DescriptionPrerequisitesCredits
APG 319Cultural Behavior and Environment3 credits
BIO/ENT 286Insects and Disease3 credits
BIO/ENT 385Introductory Entomology3 credits
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
BPS 201
How Drugs Work3 credits
Communication Studies/Sustainability
COM/SUS 315Environ CommunicationJr. Standing3 credits
Communication Studies
COM 361Intercultural CommunicationJr. Standing3 credits
COM 460Environ. Comm: Local GlobalJr. Standing3 credits
COM 461Man Cultural Differences in OrgJr. Standing3 credits
COM 462Communication in Global Soc.Jr. Standing3 credits
Gender & Women's Studies
GWS 325GInternational Women's IssuesGWS 1503 credits
Honors Program
HPR 412Emerging Infectious Diseases3 credits
Health Studies
HLT 312Intersecting Social Identities and HealthHLT 2003 credits
Health Studies/Communication Studies
HLT/COM 320Health CommunicationsHLT 2003 credits
Nutrition & Food Sciences
NFS 524Global Nutrition3 credits
Natural Resources Science/Community Planning
NRS 100Resource Conservation3 credits
NRS 300Intro to Global Issues in Sustainable Development3 credits
NUR 160Global Health3 credits
PHP 201Intro U.S. Hlth Care System3 credits
Political Science
PSC 113Introduction to American Politics4 credits
PSC 402Environmental Policy PSC 113. Jr Standing4 credits
PSC 403Global Eco-politicsPSC 210 or 4024 credits
WRT 303Public Writing3 credits
WRT 332Technical Writing3 credits
WRT 388Proposal Writing for Clients3 credits