Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Studies

Health Services

This specialization provides you with a range of skills necessary for careers in the health care industry, with an emphasis on preparing you for roles within the health care workforce of tomorrow that do not involve direct patient care. Graduates will:

  1. Possess foundational knowledge of human health and disease;
  2. Gain an awareness and appreciation of how the current health systems serve those in need;
  3. Understand economic principles and forces that influence the efficiency of health care service delivery and administration; and
  4. Be capable of effectively communicating within organizations and with other stakeholders, orally and in written form.
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Course Options

For the Health Services specialization, students must select a minimum of 18-24 credits (6 courses) from the list below. At least 4 courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. Courses selected must be from at least three different disciplines/departments.

Course #DescriptionPrerequisitesCredits
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
BPS 201How Drugs Work3 credits
MGT 341Organizational Behavior
Jr. Standing3 credits
MGT 342 Human Resources ManagementJr. Standing3 credits
Communication Studies
COM 351 Organizational Communication
Jr. Standing3 credits
COM 361 Intercultural Communication
Jr. Standing3 credits
COM 402 Leadership and Motivation
ACC 201, ACC 202 or COM 2513 credits
COM 450 Organizational Communication Theory
COM 251, Jr. Standing3 credits
COM 461 Managing Cultural Differences COM 361, Jr. Standing3 credits
ECN 201 Microeconomics
3 credits
ECN 360 Health Economics (HR)ECN 2013 credits
Health Studies
HLT 312Intersecting Social Identities HLT 2003 credits
Health Studies/Communication Studies
HLT/COM 320Health CommunicationHLT 2003 credits
Health Services Administration
HSA 360 Health Services Administration (HR)Jr. Standing3 credits
PHP 201Intro U.S. Health Care System (HR)3 credits
Political Science/Human Dev & Family Sci
PSC/HDF 405Policy Issues in Health3 credits
PSY 255 Health Psychology
3 credits
SOC 224 Health, Illness and Medical Care3 credits
WRT 306 Writing Health and Disability (HR)3 credits
WRT 303Public Writing3 credits
WRT 332Technical Writing3 credits
WRT 388Proposal Writing for Clients3 credits