Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Public Health


If you want to make a positive impact on the future of health care, but you don’t want to become a doctor or nurse, our innovative Public Health major may be just the thing for you. It’s designed for non-clinical careers in global and environmental health, health education and promotion, and health services management. This interdisciplinary degree program will prepare you for a range of such careers as patient education and worksite wellness, healthcare policy and government, pharmaceutical sales, healthcare marketing and public relations, and much more.

Minor and Certificate Programs and Areas of Study

We encourage you to use free elective credits to complete an internship in a career related setting. These credits can also be used toward a certificate programs or minor areas of study, or to take additional courses related to their area of interest. Some examples include:

  • Worksite Health Promotion
  • Population/Agency Health promotion
  • Communications/Media/Activism
  • Philosophical and Historical Perspectives
  • Gerontology Minor
  • Hunger Studies Minor
  • Leadership Minor
  • Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate
  • International Development Minor
  • International Relations Minor
  • Asian Studies Minor
  • Sustainability Minor

Learning Outcomes

All students will demonstrate the ability to:

  1.  compare and contrast public health and biomedical models;
  2.  apply knowledge of the ethical principles based on historical context and current ethical standards and use this knowledge to analyze current health issues;
  3.  synthesize scientific information;
  4.  critically evaluate health information;
  5.  integrate interdisciplinary health-related knowledge to address health-related issues;
  6.  collaborate as part of a team; and
  7.  apply theoretical frameworks that explain health behaviors.