First-Year Step 3

Step 3: Request Roommates (optional)

Some students already know who they’d like to live with; some like having the option to search for and match with potential roommates; and others like us to match them with a roommate. Beginning on May 1, 2024 at 9am ET, if your First-Year Student Housing application has been submitted, you can search for/request roommates from among other first-year students who have submitted their own First-Year Student Housing application in MyHousing.

Roommate requests must be reciprocal. This means that the roommate you request must accept your request to create a “fully matched group”. To be certain that your roommate group is “fully matched” please check your MyHousing account. HRL can typically accommodate most fully-matched roommate requests submitted by the priority deadline. Incomplete or late roommate requests may not be honored.

TIP: When searching for a specific roommate, use a partial last name and first initial. This person must also have submitted a First-Year Student Housing application to be returned as a search result. If you are searching for a roommate based on application responses, start with only 1-2 filters and press search. You can add/delete more fields to expand or narrow the list. The pool will continue to grow as more first-year students complete housing applications. In other words, checking back may yield different results in potential roommates.

TIP: If your LLC is in a hall with triple rooms, we highly recommend you select two roommates. You will be assigned a third roommate even if you select only one roommate.

  • Log into MyApps
  • Select MyHousing
  • Select the Roommate & Room Selection dropdown
  • Select Roommates from the menu
  • Select the appropriate term and click “Submit”
  • In the search box, find an incoming first-year student to add as a roommate
  • Choose the name of the student who you want as a roommate
  • Press the “Continue” butto