Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience


Admission Deadlines

Applicants for the M.S and Ph.D programs are admitted for the fall semester only. The completed application package including supporting materials (letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.) is due by December 1st for fall admission. Late applications and supporting materials will not be reviewed.

The INP does not offer application fee waivers. 

Admission Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in the sciences (or related disciplines), three letters of recommendation, a personal statement (two pages maximum), and transcripts of all previous degrees are required. Students with deficiencies in undergraduate courses relevant to their Program of Study may be required to take additional courses without program credit.

In general, students will be admitted if they meet the minimum GPA of 3.00, good letters of recommendation, and an acceptable statement of purpose. In exceptional circumstances, the student who falls short may still be considered for admission with further evaluation.

International students should carefully read and follow the application instructions provided by the URI Graduate School. Please note: International applications are also due December 1st for INP programs.

Personal Statement

Please tell us about how you became interested in neuroscience, and how you have pursued that interest thus far. If you have research experience, please describe the projects that you have participated in, including what your contributions were, and what you learned from the experience. This should be a maximum of two pages long.

It is important to identify potential faculty mentors before applying. Please take some time to review the faculty bios *. Be sure to indicate in your personal statement which professors you would be interested in working with, and why they are a match for your skills and research interests.


The INP prioritizes funding for Doctoral students; however, funding is not guaranteed. Should an opportunity become available, we will inform students and encourage them to apply for the positions. We also encourage Doctoral students to consider on-campus employment.

If you are offered funding on an INP faculty member’s grant, all questions must be addressed directly to that faculty member, not the INP administration.

Current Faculty Availability

Accepting Students w/Funding Available
Marin Manuel

Accepting Students
Vanessa Harwood (MS only)
Cindy Tsotsoros

Possibly Accepting Students
Alisa Baron
Niall Howlett (MS only)
Nicole Logan
Frank Menniti (PhD only)
Katharina Quinlan
Amy Stamates
Christie Ward-Ritacco
Lisa Weyandt (MS only)
William Van Nostrand
Nasser Zawia (MS only)
Stevin Zorn (PhD only)

Not Accepting Students
Jessica Alber
Claudia Fallini
John Robinson
Peter Snyder
Lynda Stein

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation should come from college/university faculty who have direct knowledge of your academic ability and performance. If you have relevant research experience, we would like to see letters from the individuals who supervised your research. Letters from someone who has supervised you in a job or internship in a related field are also encouraged. Three letters of recommendation are required.