North Woods Challenge Course Adventure Team

Facilitator Training Program

Why become a challenge course facilitator? Because it’s an extremely rewarding experience AND provides an extremely marketable skill set. Facilitators have the opportunity to create adventure-based experiences and to work with diverse groups of students and community members in a beautiful environment, assisting them in achieving their leadership goals.

Training are offered to confirmed participants at no cost. Interested participants must apply in advance and will be contacted regarding acceptance into the training program. Once trained by the staff of the CSLD, participants are required to facilitate at least two challenge course programs within one calendar year of training for no personal financial gain (after the required shadow period). These programs will be scheduled by the CSLD based on staff and facility availability. In the event of your failure to facilitate two programs in the time period allotted, participants agree to pay the CSLD the sum of $200.00 to cover the cost of the time spent preparing, implementing, and evaluating participants for the URI Challenge Course training. High and low element training must be completed once every 2 calendar years to remain current.

Low Elements Facilitator Training
Training for both new and returning facilitators at the NWCC will be offered Saturday-Sunday, March 23-24, 2024. Note that this is a potential on-campus employment opportunity.
High Elements Facilitator Training
If interested, contact Alison Jackson Frasier directly at
Attendance is mandatory for the entire day; participant maximum of 12

North Woods Challenge Course Facilitator Training