Course Details

Core Options
LDR (HDF) 190: Introduction to Leadership Issues
Offered only to first-year students, this course focuses on the foundations of leadership theory and application. Students begin to develop a personal philosophy of leadership that includes understanding self and others as well as roles and responsibilities inherent in community membership.
• Only offered in spring semester
• Get Connected to First Year Leaders
• Learn about your strengths and how you can use them to lead
• Topics include Social Change Model, Relational Leadership, and Servant Leadership
LDR (HDF) 290: Modern Leadership Issues
This introductory leadership course for sophomores and juniors examines leadership theory, critical thinking and leadership in small business, politics or non-profit organizations as well as U.S. education, modern families and diversity in the workplace.
• Learn about your strengths and how you can use them to lead
• Gain an understanding of theory and how it can be put into practice
• Learn through interactive class discussions and real life case studies
LDR (HDF) 417: Leadership Internship
Experience leadership first hand in a professional setting and understand and experience the integration of the concepts and models of supervision and project management
• Requires 40 hours / credit with a minimum of 80 hours and a maximum of 120 hours of documented internship experience for graded credit
LDR (HDF) 412: Historical, Multi-ethnic & Alternative Leadership
Examines critical thinking, cultural anthropology, theories of inclusion, and crisis leadership
• Offered only in the fall to juniors and seniors with preference given to seniors
COM 402: Leadership & Motivation
Examines theories and research in the areas of leadership and motivation in organizational settings. Emphasis on application of theory in developing essential leadership skills within individuals and creating effective motivational programs within organizations.
• Offered the spring and summer with Dr. Leatham
MGT 441: Leadership Skills Development
Examines application of behavior concepts to develop leadership competencies and effective employee management programs
• Offered the fall and spring with Dr. Cooper
HPR 401/402: Honors Project
• Permission of the director of the Honors Program and overall GPA of 3.40 or better
LDR (HDF) 492: Leadership Minor Portfolio
• Taken last spring semester of enrollment unless last semester is student teaching, a full-time internship away, or study abroad.
Elective Options
LDR (HDF) 291: Rose Butler Browne Peer Mentoring Program
Designed for students who are interested in an exploratory and introspective look at the issues affecting women of color. Students will explore cultural identity and leadership theories through readings and other media, as well as learn about a variety of issues, including historical perspectives, which continue to affect women of color today.
• Examine and apply principles of mentoring
• Students need not identify as a woman of color to enroll in this course. This course is open to all students
LDR (HDF) 413: Advanced Facilitation and Consulting Skills
Examines experiential education, organizational development, facilitation techniques, and ethical issues of peer leadership. Facilitators will receive advanced training in leadership and group development through this elective and enhance skills in:
• Conducting needs assessment with groups regarding program topics of interest and import
• Creating and conducting programming to increase internal organization productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
• Facilitation, event planning, organizational development, and working with diverse groups.
LDR (HDF) 414: Leadership for Social Change
Explores issues related to social change, power and privilege, coalition building, non-violence, civic engagement and activist movements.
• Experience activism by learning from a variety of sources including research, community leaders, and guest speakers.
• Identify your “causes” while finding ways to act on those causes in your future life
LDR (HDF) 415: Peer Leadership
Explores mentoring strategies, leadership and identity development models, leadership style, and community involvement.
• Identify and utilize your strengths in a variety of settings.
• Plan and participate in a series of experiential workshops for first-year students.
• Gain an in-depth knowledge of mentoring inside and outside of the classroom.
LDR (HDF) 416: Personal and Organizational Leadership
Topics include leadership theory and style, experiential learning, peer mentoring, critical thinking, quality improvement, and organizational development.
• Apply personal and organizational leadership skills to create positive change and community growth at URI.