Minor in Leadership Studies

At URI, we are among only a handful of colleges and universities across the country that offers a Minor in Leadership Studies and one that is customized for each student, and open to any major. We utilize a cross-disciplinary approach to leadership education designed to complement your academic studies. All courses utilize a variety of teaching methods but ultimately include some form of experiential learning, practical application, and reflective learning. Employers, now more than ever, are seeking candidates with exceptional skills in the areas of interpersonal and group management, problem solving, critical thinking and effective communication.  We can help with all of the above. Contact any CSLD staff member to schedule an advising appointment and to enroll.

The minor includes the following three areas:

  • education which consists of exposure to leadership theories, concepts, and models (Core);
  • leadership training which is directed at skill areas in leadership (Skills);
  • developmental aspects which require academic and co-academic experiences and reflection intended to empower students to mature and develop greater levels of leadership complexity, integration, and proficiency (Application).

1000Graduates as of May 2023
100%Minor graduates complete internships

What our students are saying

Upwards of 95% of our graduating seniors report enhanced growth and development in their ability to:

  • Work with diverse people
  • Have discussions with others who are different from themselves
  • Speak more effectively and confidently in public
  • Deal with conflict
  • Lead groups and organizations more effectively
  • Think critically
  • Manage personal leadership abilities and weaknesses