Maple Sugar Has All the Same Wonderful Properties as Maple Syrup!

Disclaimer: The findings discussed are lab based and further studies need to be done.

There are so many different types of maple products in the market such as maple syrup, maple water, and even maple sugar. Maple syrup is obtained by boiling sap and on further slow evaporation, under low heat, yields the crystallized maple sugar product.

We have talked about the endless benefits of maple syrup in the body, but does maple sugar have the same benefits? The answer is yes! 

With the growing business of maple products, a group of scientists decided to research the chemical structure and the different components that make up this type of sweetener. It was expected that after the boiling process that maple syrup undergoes to become maple sugar, some of the properties would be lost. 

This research found that the properties remained after the boiling process, proving one more time that maple syrup is a better sweetener option.

Reference: Liu, Y.; Rose, K.N; DaSilva, N.A.; Johnson, S.L.; Seeram, N.P. Isolation, identification, and biological evaluation of phenolic compounds from a traditional North American confectionery, maple sugar. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2017, 65, 4289-4295.