Red maple (Acer rubrum) Leaves used in Cosmetic Beauty Products

Disclaimer: The findings discussed are lab based and further studies need to be done.

Did you know that maple cannot only be consumed, but it can also be used as a cosmetic product?

Melanin is a natural pigment that provides color and overall protection to our skin from radiation from the sun. however, irregular and over pigmentation in the skin can lead to freckles, age spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and even melanoma (skin cancer). 

Researchers at the University of Rhode Island found different compounds in maple that can reduce the effects of melanin pigmentation. Why use synthetic products when nature provides us with plants that can protect our skin?

It is evident that maple provides endless benefits to our diet and our health, and even to our skin! Researchers at URI conducted computatized studies on red maple leaves to determine its different compounds and components to determine its ability to protect the skin from discoloration, or freckles. 

There is great promise that red maple leaves could provide cosmetic attributes to the skin by lightening dark spots like freckles.

Reference: Ma, H.; Xu, J.; DaSilva, N.; Wang, L.; Wei, Z.; Guo, L.; Lu, W.; Xu, J.; Xu, Q.; Seeram, N.P. Cosmetic applications of glucitol-core containing gallotannins from a proprietary phenolic-enriched red maple (Acer rubrum) leaves extract: Inhibition of melanogenesis via down-regulation of tyrosinase and melanogenic gene expression in B16F10 melanoma cells. Archives of Dermatological Research, 2017, 309, 265-274.