East Farm Giving Garden

2097 Kingstown Road | South Kingstown, ri 02881

The Giving Garden, located at URI’s East Farm, provides examples of small space gardening techniques such as vertical growing and intensive planting. To build our large raised bed and its trellising system, we used materials that are readily available and easy to assemble. In some cases we used found materials that had been discarded by previous projects.

In addition to our raised growing space, we are now operating a coldframe to demonstrate season extension techniques. The coldframe, built by one of our team members, is used as a raised bed for pollinator plants during the summer. During August and September these are replaced by fall and overwintering crops, which are in turn replaced by early spring crops in March and April.

The spirit behind the Giving Garden is to demonstrate that anyone can produce fresh vegetables for the family table without needing a large amount of garden space. All of our produce is donated to local food pantries.