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Produce Safety Checklist for Donation and School Gardens

Many schools and volunteers are growing food to donate to local food pantries. Use this self-auditing checklist to minimize food safety risks in the garden.

Garden to Table: Five Steps to Food Safe Fruit and Vegetable Home Gardening

Learn more about growing produce safely and follow the five simple steps listed in this guide to keep food safe!

Learn at Home Webinar Series

A treasure trove of educational webinars recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic on topics ranging from starting a vegetable garden to protecting your well water to solar energy for your home on our Youtube channel.

Lily Leaf Beetle

Information about this pest including identification and what the URI Biological Control lab is doing to keep it in check.

Native Plant Site Solutions for Backyard Habitat (PDF) 

How-to guide for enhancing wildlife habitat value with native plants in urban and suburban backyards.


Explore this resource before you reach for a chemical solution to rid your lawn of pesky plants.

RI Coastal Plant Guide

A digital, interactive searchable database of over 200 native plants suitable for establishment in coastal areas. Developed in 2007.

RI Native Plant Guide

A digital, interactive searchable database of over 100 plants native to Rhode Island. Developed in 2016.

Recommended Plantings for Migratory Songbird Habitat (PDF)

Fact sheet detailing the highest valued native plants to migratory songbirds based on nutritional content of the plants.

RI Planting Calendar (PDF)

Calendar detailing ideal planting dates for various crops in Rhode Island.

School Garden Curriculum Guides

Harnesses children’s enthusiasm for the natural world​, foster environmental awareness, ecological literacy and wellness, and bolster students’ understanding of nutrition and food access through outdoor engagement and applied learning in a “living laboratory” – the school garden.

Swallow wort Biological Control

Information about this invasive plant including identification and the status of URI Biocontrol Project.

Vegetable Production Research Reports

Wondering what varieties of vegetables you should grow this year when thinking about plant diseases or pests that are problematic in Rhode Island? Check out these trial results dating back to 2010.


Gardening and Environmental Hotline

The URI Gardening and Environmental Hotline identifies plants or insects in your garden, and will provide you with horticultural information.

Plant Protection Clinic

The URI Plant Protection Clinic identifies insect problems on plants and in the home, and will diagnose plant diseases.

Soil pH Testing Service

The URI Master Gardeners conducts soil testings to help determine your soil pH levels and textures, and will also provide recommendations for gradual correction of your soil problems.

TickEncounter Resource Center

The TickEncounter Resource Center helps educate and promote the most up-to-date, effective, tick-bite prevention techniques.
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