Description: (Lecture, 3 credits) Mechanics of material behavior from the micro structural viewpoint; physical mechanisms of deformation and fracture; continuum mechanics and thermodynamics; rheological classification of solids; thermodynamics and viscoelasticity; plasticity and viscoplasticity; damage mechanisms; applications to metals, ceramics and composites.

Pre-requisite: MCE 571, CHE 333, or permission of instructor.

Instructor:  Professor Hamouda Ghonem, Office: Engineering Building Rm 212, Phone: 874-2909, Email:


  • Introduction to Dislocations, D. Hull and D.J. Bacon
  • Mechanics of Solid Materials, J. Lematire and J.-L. Chaboche

Course Topics:

  • Part 1: Crystal structure
  • Part 2: Defects
  • Part 3: Strengthening mechanisms
  • Part 4: Creep and creep mechanisms
  • Part 5: Micromechanics of fracture
  • Part 6: Viscoplasticity
  • Part 7: Nanostructure deformation mechanisms