Teaching Courses

Undergraduate and graduate courses being taught by Professor Hamouda Ghonem:

MCE 426 – Advanced Mechanics of Materials
LEC: (3 crs) Introduction to continuum mechanics: stress, strain and deformation, constitutive equations. theories of failure. inelastic behavior, Torsion of Prismatic Bars, bending of beams, thick-walled cylinders, thermal effects, impact loading.

MCE 428 – Mechanics of Materials in Extreme Environments
LEC: (3 crs.) Study of material microstructure and mechanical properties, high loading rate mechanics, time-dependent deformation mechanisms, energy generation applications, materials in irradiated environment, and future directions in materials for extreme environments. Pre: CVE 220, or permission of instructor.

MCE 440 – Mechanics of Composite Materials
LEC: (3 crs.) Introduction to the basic concepts of the mechanical behavior of composite materials. Analysis and performance of fiber-reinforced composites. Special design considerations and experimental characterization of composites. Pre: CVE 220 or permission of instructor.

LEC: (3 crs.) Energy production from nuclear reactions, cross sections, number density, and binding energy. Fission process, neutron life cycle, criticality, neutron diffusion, reactor design, reactor kinetics and control, reactivity feedback, nuclear system design. Pre: MTH 244 and MCE 341 or CHE 313, or permission of instructor.

MCE 476 – Mechanics of Materials in Nuclear Applications
LEC: (3 crs.) Nuclear systems, fundamentals of nuclear fission, microstructure fundamentals and diffusion concepts, Dislocation theory, Damage mechanisms, Radiation damage, Nuclear fuels materials, Cladding materials, Moderators materials, Control rods materials, Corrosion of structure components, Future directions in nuclear system design and materials. Pre: CHE 332 or 333, or permission of instructor.

MCE 678 – Micromechanics
LEC: (3 crs.) Mechanics of material behavior from the micro structural viewpoint; physical mechanisms of deformation and fracture; continuum mechanics and thermodynamics; rheological classification of solids; thermodynamics and viscoelasticity; plasticity and viscoplasticity; damage mechanisms; applications to metals, ceramics and composites. Pre: MCE 571, CHE 333 or permission of instructor.

MCE 679 – Theory of Plasticity
LEC: (3 crs.) Uniaxial behavior of plasticity; perfect plasticity, plastic potential; work-hardening materials, loading surface and loading rules, flow rules; stress-strain relationships; nonlinear kinematic hardening models; foundation of state-variable approaches, viscoplasticity; applications to engineering materials. Pre: MCE 571 or permission of instructor.

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