Description: (Lecture, 3 credits) Uniaxial behavior of plasticity; perfect plasticity, plastic potential; work-hardening materials, loading surface and loading rules, flow rules; stress-strain relationships; nonlinear kinematic hardening models; foundation of state-variable approaches, viscoplasticity; applications to engineering materials.

Pre-requisite: MCE 571

Instructor: Professor Hamouda Ghonem, Office: Engineering Building Rm 212, Phone: 874-2909, Email:

Text: Handouts and lecture notes, suggested texts:

  • Continuum Theory of Plasticity, S. Khan and S. Huang, John Wiley& Sons,   1994
  • The Mathematical Theory of Plasticity, R. Hill, Oxford Engineering Science Series, 1983
  • Plasticity for Structural Engineers, W.F. Chen and D.J. Hahn, Gao Lih Book Co., 1995

Course Topics:

  • Part 1: Stress and yield criteria
  • Part 2: Stress-strain relationship
  • Part 3: Perfect plastic materials (plastic potential and flow rule, flow rule associated with yield criteria, convexity, normality and uniqueness, stress-strain relationships)
  • Part 4: Work-hardening materials (loading surface and loading rules, flow rules, incremental stress-strain relationship, advanced work-hardening plasticity models, stress-strain relationships)
  • Part 5: Viscoplasticity
  • Part 6: Internal state-variable models
  • Part 7: Foundations of Crystal plasticity