Bachelor of Music (B.M.)


Our Bachelor of Music degree is the first-level professional degree in music. Choosing this field of study means you will hone the development of skills and concepts essential to the success of a professional musician. In any number of possible roles and careers, the professional musician must demonstrate not only technical competence, but also wide knowledge of music and musicology, sensitivity to musical styles, and an understanding of the place of music in society.

A successful audition is required to be admitted to the B.M. program.

Areas of Concentration

  • Composition
    This option is designed for students who wish to concentrate their study on the materials and structure of music, with advanced study in musicianship, aural perception, analysis, and composition. Composition students can specialize in classical and/or studio/jazz styles. The program gives young composers a strong basis in the tradition of Western music while allowing the flexibility to explore other special compositional areas.
  • Music Education
    For those who plan to teach music in elementary or secondary schools, our concentration in music education is designed to cover vocal/choral, instrumental, and classroom music education. It offers a broad educational background combined with the development of musical and performance skills. The program includes student teaching that leads to state certification.
  • Performance
    A focus in either jazz studies or classical performance is available should you wish to concentrate on the mastery of an instrument or voice. Performance emphasis can be in classical guitar, voice, piano, percussion, string and wind instruments, or jazz instruments (saxophone, trumpet, piano, guitar, string bass, and drum set). Students are expected to perform extensively and are required to give recitals.
  • Music Therapy
    For those who want to use their musical skills to earn a degree in healthcare that would improve sensorimotor, cognitive, language, emotion, or social functioning of others in a variety of settings. The music therapy degree provides comprehensive training in a broad musical and scientific context. This five-year program includes internship placements that lead to national board certification and state licensure as a practicing music therapist.