Undergraduate Minors

There are four minor fields of study available within the Department of Natural Resources Science at URI. All minors at URI require 18 credits of coursework (see NRS minor requirements specified below), at least 12 of these 18 credits must be at the 200 level or higher, and all courses in the minor must be taken for a letter grade. Students must also earn at least a 2.0 quality point average in these courses. To complete a minor at URI, students must submit a completed “Minor Field of Study” form to the academic dean’s office no later than the beginning of the final semester prior to graduation. Click on the link below for a pdf copy of the Minor Field of Study form.

Minor field of Study Form

Soil Environmental Science

This minor field of specialization provides students in-depth training in the application of soils information to solve environmental problems and issues. Students fulfilling the requirements of the Soil Environmental Science minor meet the qualifications for basic membership in the Society of Soil Scientists of Southern New England, are eligible for certification as a soil scientist under the American Registry of Certified Professional Soil Scientists, and meet the requirements for federal job listings under soil scientists. Students who declare a minor in Soil Environmental Science must complete 18 credits from the following courses: NRS 212, NRS 351, NRS 412, NRS 426, NRS 450G, NRS 452G, NRS 461, NRS 471, NRS 510, or NRS 567. Two of the courses are allowed to also count as concentration courses.

Faculty Contact for Soil Environmental Science Minor: 

Dr. Mark Stolt