Undergraduate Minors

There are four minor fields of study available within the Department of Natural Resources Science at URI. All minors at URI require 18 credits of coursework (see NRS minor requirements specified below), at least 12 of these 18 credits must be at the 200 level or higher, and all courses in the minor must be taken for a letter grade. Students must also earn at least a 2.0 quality point average in these courses. To complete a minor at URI, students must submit a completed “Minor Field of Study” form to the academic dean’s office no later than the beginning of the final semester prior to graduation. Click on the link below for a pdf copy of the Minor Field of Study form.

Minor field of Study Form

Restoration Science and Management

This interdepartmental minor provides students in-depth, interdisciplinary training in the principles and application of restoration science and management to solve environmental problems and issues. Students who declare a minor in restoration science and management are required to complete 18 credits, including 4 credits from NRS 401, 3 credits from NRS 543, 3-6 credits from one or more experiential learning project courses (NRS 395, NRS 397, GEO 397, NRS 491, NRS 492 NRS 495, NRS 497), and 4-8 credits from one or more of the following courses: BIO 262, GEO 103, GEO 320, NRS 223, NRS 445, NRS 475. Students minoring in restoration science and management are encouraged to take a capstone course that allows them to apply their analytical skills in a real-world application and to engage with NGO, state, federal agencies on projects and internships.

Faculty Contact for Restoration Science and Management Minor:

Dr. Laura Meyerson
Email: lameyerson@uri.edu