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Accessibility Training Course

Being prepared for the diverse backgrounds of your students will ensure that all students have access to your course. Students who have disabilities, students with English as a Second Language, student veterans, non-traditional age students, etc. must be able to participate in courses in a manner equal to their peers. For online and blended courses, this means all course sites and the media within them need to be designed with adherence to the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). 

The Office of Online Education has created the following accessibility training course to ensure faculty understand accessibility requirements in online settings and are well versed in an understanding of UDL principles. The course runs in Sakai and is self-paced.

To join the Accessibility Training Course site, please follow these instructions:

• Login to Sakai

• Click Membership on the left navigation bar of My Workspace

• Click Joinable Sites

• Write “Accessibility Training” in the search bar on the right, and click Search

• Click Join beneath Accessibility Training

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