Checking Sakai/Email Daily

So you have just started your online class. Besides introducing yourself, what should you be doing to be a successful student?

In a prior post, I briefly discussed Sakai, explained what it is, and how you will likely be using it in your class(es).

Two important things you should do to ensure your success in the course is:

Check Sakai daily

  • You can even check Sakai from your phone. However, keep in mind you should not try to complete a discussion post from your phone/tablet as you may lose it and have to start over again.

Check your e-mail daily

  • You can connect your e-mail account(s) to your phone so that you never miss an e-mail!

Honestly, I check my e-mail at least 20 times a day between work and school. I suggest checking both Sakai and your e-mail at least once a day because your professor may not send announcements or messages to your e-mail via Sakai.


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