Keeping Track of Important Dates Using Google Calendar

Are you one of those students who buys a planner but never uses it? My suggestion is using Google Calendar to keep track of important dates. So how do you use Google Calendar?

You can either use an existing Gmail account, use your URI Gmail account, or create a new Gmail account entirely. I suggest using your URI Gmail account as your professors will be using that for your classes anyways.

Go to and log in to your Gmail account. You will be directed to a screen that looks like this.


Double-click on a future date on the calendar (maybe a homework assignment that is due). There you can edit the event to your needs (e.g. name of event, date, time, location, and description).



You can also designate the event to take place all day (e.g. someone’s birthday) by selecting the “All Day” option.

If you want an event to repeat (e.g. class time) then you can select “Repeat” and it will provide you with options on how often you want the event to repeat/for how long.

Finally, you can set reminders for the event. You can set how many reminders you receive, how you receive them, and how far in advance you receive them.

This is how the event will look on your calendar.



Good luck in your use of Google Calendar!

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