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Certificate in Cannabis Studies (Online)

Our Undergraduate Certificate in Cannabis Studies is designed to meet the needs of students and the explosive job growth within the industry. Offering the certificate at the undergraduate level encourages the participation of those within the industry who may not have a science degree. The certificate will represent the first of its kind in the United States, and the online delivery model will allow for the flexibility necessary to accommodate students nationwide as well as working professionals.

Spring 2023 Dates


 Heber W. Youngken Jr. Medicinal Garden at the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy

Admission Criteria

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Applicants must submit their most recent transcripts (high school, GED or college). In addition, applicants should submit relevant transcripts indicating evidence of completion of general science coursework (basic H.S. level or above). If you are submitting a college transcript, but it does not show completion of a foundational course, both the college transcript and high school transcript must be submitted. Please remember to consider school vacations and closures when requesting transcripts to ensure timely submission in order to meet the application materials deadline.
  • Recommended completion of general science coursework (basic H.S. level or above). Applicants without evidence of this coursework will be encouraged to complete optional modules within the first foundational course to ensure their continued success in the program.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (previous employers, supervisors, instructors or others who can comment on your professional and academic capabilities).
    Personal references such as friends and relatives are not accepted.
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal Essay: 300-500 words discussing:
    • Your interest in the cannabis field.
    • Any relevant work experience.
    • Why you chose to apply to this online program at URI.
    • Your professional goals, as well as your plans for achieving these goals.
  • Due to federal regulations, students cannot be enrolled in the Cannabis Certificate program while simultaneously enrolled in another academic program at URI.

Students Seeking Readmission to URI

Applicants who have previously registered for courses at URI as a degree-seeking student are considered a readmission and must apply using the Readmission Application.

Readmission applicants should email all materials as noted in the above admissions criteria, except the Letters of Recommendation, to the College of Pharmacy at

Letters of Recommendation should be sent directly from your recommender to

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Pictured: Heber W. Youngken Jr. Medicinal Garden at the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy.


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