Tuition and Fees – All Programs

2023-2024 Accelerated Online Tuition and Fees

ProgramTuitionRegistration FeeTechnology FeeTranscript FeeDocument Fee
Master of Library and Information Studies$856$30$15$50$115
Master of Science in Healthcare Management$856$30$15$50$115
Master of Oceanography$856$30$15$50$115
Master of Public Administration$856$30$15$50$115
Master of Science in Dietetics$16,000*$30$15$50$115
Master of Science in Supply Chain Management and Applied Analytics$1,000$30$15$50$115
Communications Studies $588$30$15$50$115
Certificate in Cannabis Studies$588$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Data Science $856$30$15$50$115
Master of Data Science$856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Accounting and Auditing$856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate in Fisheries Science$856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Geospatial Technologies GIS$856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Quantum Computing$856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Medication Outcomes$856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Learning and Development$856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate Healthcare Management $856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate in Natural Resources and the Environment$856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificates in Public Administration and Policy $856$30$15$50$115
Graduate Certificate in Social Media$856$30$15$50$115
Early Childhood B.A. Degree Completion$588$30$15$50$115
Master of Environmental Management$856$30$15$50$115
Master of Professional Studies$856$30$15$50$115
M.S. in Health Outcomes and Data Analytics$856$30$15$50$115
One-time fees: Document and Transcript Fees
Per credit fees: Tuition and Technology Fees
Per semester fees: Registration Fees

*Total Dietetic Program fee $16,000, broken down as follows:
Fall $6,000, $3,000 per session. Spring $5,000, $2,500 per session. Summer $5,000, $2,500 per session

**Sodexo Dietetic internship fee $12,000