Individual Services

The foundations of our clinical services lay in our work with individual clients. We are committed to providing a warm, collaborative, and safe environment in which our clients can develop greater self-awareness, increased clarity about symptoms and stressors, and confidence to make healthy change.

Cost of Services

There is flat fee of $30 for initial evaluation. 


Individual adult therapy services are offered both in person and via teletherapy.

Our individual therapy services aim to help clients:

  • gain a better understanding of how thoughts and feelings can impact behavior, and how to improve stress management/coping;
  • address interpersonal concerns;
  • develop healthy lifestyle habits (e.g., reduce smoking, anger management, etc.);
  • better manage individual health-related problems and promote healthy behaviors; and
  • maximize individual strengths and build on pre-existing skills and capabilities.

We also recognize that the individual reasons that our clients seek treatment might involve larger family and environmental concerns, so we work collaboratively with the URI Couple and Family Therapy Clinic to ensure that our clients are receiving the types of support and services to maximize health and well-being.

Treatment methods

Our clinical teams vary depending on clinician interest and supervisor availability, but generally include: