August 14, 2024 @ 2:00pm – In-Person College Information Session

In-person | BSPS | PharmD 

Join us for an in-person information session highlighting the PharmD and BSPS programs including a tour of Avedisian Hall. Participants can register for an optional campus session/tour prior to this event and will be brought to Avedisian at the end of the tour in time for the info session. This session will be held in Avedisian Room 240.

Note that there are optional 10am and 12pm campus tours available prior to this info session. Please refer to the schedule to sign up for an optional pre- campus tour if interested:


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Visits start with a presentation in Avedisian Hall Room 240 (second level of the building in the middle). Your registration information will take you to the Robert J. Higgins Welcome Center to check-in, please allow at least 20 minutes to check-in and walk from there to Avedisian Hall.