Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Intern License

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

All students in the professional Pharm.D. program must obtain an intern license through the Board of Pharmacy of the state(s) in which they have their introductory and advanced practice experiences. Registration as an intern pharmacist is a requirement of the program; students must apply for a license prior to the fall semester of their 1st professional year.

Students must hold a valid intern license when they enter the fall semester of their first professional year and maintain it throughout the professional program. For all experiential coursework, students must have a Rhode Island license.

To be eligible for an intern license, students must be currently enrolled in a pharmacy program. Intern licenses must be returned to the board if a student withdraws or takes a leave of absence from the College.

Application for a license requires disclosure of any convictions of federal, state or local statutes (including driving under the influence).

Below is a partial list* of some of the reasons the Rhode Island Board of Pharmacy may deny, suspend or revoke license:

  1. The license was procured through fraud, misrepresentation or deceit
  2. The student/ licensee has violated any of the laws of the state or the United States relating to the practice of pharmacy, drugs, controlled substances, cosmetics, or nonprescription drugs, or has violated any of the rules and regulations of the Board or has been convicted of a felony
  3. The student/licensee has dependence upon controlled substances, habitual drunkenness, or rendering professional services while intoxicated or incapacitated by the use of drugs

* From RI Board of Pharmacy, Rules and Regulations.

Students are encouraged to contact the relevant Board of Pharmacy about the application process and their specific licensure requirements. Students must submit a copy of their intern license application to the College of Pharmacy where it will be kept on file. Students, who are denied a license or have their license revoked, will be unable to progress in the College and, as such they will be required to withdraw from the program or take a leave of absence. Detailed information about registration as an intern pharmacist is provided to all students when they enter the professional curriculum.