Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Professional Standards of Behavior For Pharmacy Students

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

The College of Pharmacy demands that its students adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior. Specific requirements include the following:
Pledge of Professionalism The College of Pharmacy expects all students to sign a pledge of professionalism when they enter the professional program.

Honesty and Academic Integrity: Students are expected to abide by the University of Rhode Island’s Community Standards of Behavior as outlined in the University of Rhode Island Student Handbook. Pharmacy students are expected to adhere to the highest standard of academic integrity in both the pre-professional and professional programs. Any evidence of cheating or plagiarism may be grounds for dismissal from the program (see URI Student Handbook for definitions of cheating and plagiarism).

Ethical Values: Students must demonstrate the highest level of professional demeanor and behavior, and must perform in an ethical manner in all dealings with peers, faculty, staff, preceptors and patients.

Technical Standards: Students are also required to meet the technical standards.
Students who violate these standards of behavior may be given a reprimand, placed on probation, suspended for a period of time, required to acquire professional evaluation and counseling or other medical care, required to complete community service, or dismissed from the program. Incidents including, but not limited to, academic dishonesty, violation of HIPPA or privacy regulations, chemical impairment, violation of state and federal laws, sexual harassment, may delay or permanently prohibit progression in the Pharm. D. curriculum.