Video Conference/Classroom Capture Infrastructure

Paramaz Avedisian ’54 Hall has been designed to provide ubiquitous access to video conferencing and classroom capture technologies—making it an ideal environment to support distance education.
Room 170 teleconference infrastructureUtilizing Cisco telepresence equipment integrated into the University’s backend Cisco infrastructure, we are able to video conference and classroom capture using installed equipment in three conference rooms and seven classrooms.
We can also utilize Webex Software to extend the research of the technology to any of the spaces in the building through the use of mobile technology including laptops and iPads.
This application makes use of both functions of the technology—video conferencing and classroom capture. The video conferencing function delivers live high fidelity video to our partner institutions, and the classroom capture records content to deliver for on-demand playback. The partner institutions can participate in the video conferences either by utilizing their own video conferencing equipment or by utilizing Webex.
The College also has access to a video conferencing bridge that allows to group video conferencing. Contact Ian Lester at if you require access to the bridge.