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The 3,025 sqft patient simulation laboratory is an integral part of the CVS Caremark Teaching Wing, which also houses the Professional Practice Lab. The laboratory is comprised of seven spaces:


METI LearningSpace

The lab is fully equipped with LearningSpace where you can easily record, debrief, and assess. With LearningSpace you are able to record simulation within all rooms of the laboratory, whether on-the-fly recording or live observations.







Our Interdisciplinary Health Care Delivery Laboratory uses seven high-fidelity human patient simulations as an immersive educational tool that allows health care professionals to practice and improve critical skills that will translate to improved healthcare delivery.


METI Pedi-HPS x1

METI Pedi-HPS x1 The Pedi Human Patient Simulator accurately mirrors human responses as well as breathes blinks and speaks as a human would. This HPS is the only patient simulator to provide respiratory gas exchange, anesthesia delivery, and patient monitoring with real physiological clinical monitors.

METI Adult-HPS x1

METI Adult-HPS x1 The Adult Human Patient Simulator (HPS) is a full-scale, fully interactive simulator that has human like physiological responses such as, heart beats, breathing, bowel sounds, cardiac rhythms, palpable pulses and computerized voices.

METI Adult I-STAN x1

METI Adult I-STAN x1

iStan is one of the most advanced patient simulator, that mimic’s human cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological systems.  When iStan bleeds, his blood pressure, heart rate and other clinical signs change automatically, and he responds to treatment with minimal input from an instructor.  With a realistic airway, articulated joints and blood on board, iStan has full […]

METI PediaSIM x 1

METI PediaSIM x 1 The METI Pedia SIM recognizes the minute but crucial differences that make pediatric medicine uniquely challenging – distinctions in anatomy, reactions to drugs, types of injuries and underlying physical conditions. Just as the HPS relies on highly precise computer modeling of human physiology and pharmacology, the PediaSim operates on the basis […]

METI BabySIM x 1

METI BabySIM x 1 The Baby SIM makes it possible to prepare students for interaction with our most vulnerable patients—in a safe, realistic learning environment. Intricate details such as realistic touch and feel clinched fists and a layer of baby fat help create an appropriate representation of a three- to six-month old infant. BabySIM allows […]

METI Emergency Care Simulator x 2

METI Emergency Care Simulator x 2 The ECS provides an anatomically correct, feature-rich mannequin, which allows for the physical demonstration of various clinical signs including bleeding, breathing, blinking eyes and convulsions.  The human physiology models at the core of the ECS provide appropriate responses to treatment interventions, including airway and oxygenation management, fluid administration, defibrillation […]

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