Pre-Law Program


Career opportunities in law change rapidly. There are more lawyers than ever before, but changes in the way legal services are administered constantly generate new possibilities. A law degree is a good solid background for many careers in business and government. Even though such a career may not specifically require a law degree, the degree may give you an advantage over others not possessing the degree. For information about legal careers and about law school recruitment, contact a Prelaw Advisor and Career Services and join the Prelaw Society.

The Prelaw Society

The Prelaw Society brings in recruiters, holds discussions, organizes speakers, and shows films of interest to those planning a career in law. There is also a Prelaw Society email discussion list, (LAWURI) that provides prelaw information, discussions among students and notices of law-related activities. To be added to this list, please click here to subscribe. On the 2nd floor of Washburn Hall, there is a Prelaw Center containing legal and prelaw materials, computer access to law and prelaw websites, law school bulletins and a conference/study room.