Pre-Law Program


There are no specific “Pre-law” requirements for admission to law school, aside from the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The Law School Admissions Council and the Association of American Law Schools, which supervise law school admissions and accreditation, recommend that you acquire a broad based education and possess excellent reading, writing, and analytical skills.

You are encouraged to seek out courses which place heavy emphasis on reading and writing. In addition, it is wise to take classes which prepare you for alternative careers should you decide not to attend law school. While there are many law related courses at the University which may be of interest to law school-bound students, none of these should be considered a prerequisite or even an aid to law school admission, but these courses may help a student determine whether they are really interested in the law.


Since there are no specific course requirements, there are a wide range of options for undergraduate study. Prelaw students have pursued undergraduate degrees in the sciences, language, business, political science, history, engineering, pharmacy, English, art, economics, theatre and any other major offered at the University.

Many have gone on for graduate degrees in their major fields prior to going to law school. As the law school curriculum is geared toward general private practice and the bar exam, specialization within law often depends on what a student has done as an undergraduate or graduate student in a field other than law.