A Concluding Message

The University of Rhode Island is nearing the completion of one of its most successful years in history. We graduated the largest class, welcomed the most academically prepared students, celebrated the most diverse student body and faculty in our history, and shared in the joys of the numerous honors bestowed on our students, staff, and faculty.

These accomplishments and many more demonstrate that our community is strong and more than capable of balancing the needs for excellence and academic rigor with the challenges while pursuing equity and justice for all in an ever-changing political, social, and cultural environment.

As the university continues to grow, both with regard to its human talent and its geographic reach, we generate more opportunities to positively influence society through education, research, scholarship, and creative work. We will undoubtedly continue to face challenges at URI and abroad, both personal and community-wide, that will test our tolerance, our resolve, and our commitment to one another. It is imperative that we support each other during these challenging times and contribute to solutions that improve our community, both now and in the long-term.

As we prepare for the Commencement season and embark on summer work, we encourage all members of our community to reflect on the University’s values and standards (articulated in URI Cornerstone Values) and serve as ambassadors for the institution. No matter where our plans may take us while we are away from URI or commencing to our next opportunity in life, each of us can embody these values and sense of community that we share here at our university.

We wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy summer and congratulate our students who are graduating and heading out to serve as life-long ambassadors of our great university.