Your expected graduation date can be found in eCampus.  Contact your advisor or the Dean’s office of your college regarding questions about:

  • Graduation procedures
  • Deadlines
  • Submitting an application for graduation
  • Changing your graduation date

Undergraduate Students

Be sure to check in with your college by the general dates below. Note: some colleges’ dates may be different. Please contact your college to confirm graduation dates.

  • May or August Graduation – Before October 1st
  • December Graduation – Before May 1
  • Nursing – March 15

Graduate Students

Consult with your advisor or the Dean’s Office of the Graduate School.


The commencement program includes a listing of all students nominated for graduation. Due to the timing of the program’s publication, a listing does not guarantee all degree requirements are complete.


To appear in the program or have notification of graduation sent to local media, students must release certain FERPA restrictions no later than April 1. Releases must remain in place through the date of Commencement for printing in the Commencement Program and up to November 1 for release to local media.

To release FERPA restrictions:

  1. Log in to e-Campus
  2. Click e-Campus tile
  3. Click Self Service
  4. Click Campus Personal Information
  5. Click FERPA Restrictions
  6. Click the Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions button
  7. Ensure that all of the following are unchecked:
  • All degrees
  • All academic levels
  • All honors/awards
  • All majors
  • Primary name

If you would like your name released to your local newspaper, you must also uncheck Home Address in order for the University to match your home town with the local newspaper. Your address will not be shared.

8. Click save at the bottom


Enrollment Services is the URI office that issues all official diplomas
and certificates for the University following certification of graduation by the student’s college.


Graduation can occur at one of three times during the academic year. Diplomas are mailed, typically according to the schedule that follows:

  • February for degree completion following a Fall semester
  • July for degree completion following a Spring semester
  • October for degree completion following Summer term.

Prior to receiving your diploma, proof of degree conferral is on your
transcript. A transcript carries official notification that the degree has been awarded and lists the major(s) with its concentrations, tracks, or specializations (if applicable) as well as all earned minors or certificates. In most cases the transcript is considered the official document regarding your educational credentials.


If a diploma is damaged in the mail, a student can request a complimentary replacement by mailing or delivering the damaged diploma to:
Enrollment Services
35 Campus Avenue
Green Hall
Kingston, RI 02881
Please include the student ID number and the address to which the
replacement diploma is to be mailed.

Diploma Replacment Request


Beginning with graduation following Fall 2021, the diploma includes the major as well as the name of the degree. Prior to that time, a diploma for the Bachelor of Arts degree as well as most Bachelor of Science degrees did not contain the major. Minors do not appear on the diploma but they are printed on the transcript.

The University also awards degrees where the curriculum is oriented towards a profession and the degree name may reference the academic program, e.g., an accounting major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

A student who completes more than one major within the same degree earns a single degree but receives a diploma for each major. When the majors lead to different degrees, then a diploma for each degree is awarded, e.g., a major leading to the Bachelor of Arts and a major leading to the Bachelor of Science.


Undergraduates who meet select criteria may earn graduation honors on their degree, often referred to as Latin honors. The criteria for graduation honors are located at this URL Here


The student’s name on the diploma is the legal name as recorded in eCampus. If a different name is desired, there is an option to add a Degree Name. Visit this page and click on the tab for “Diploma Name Change” for instructions and directions. Please note that updating your Diploma name does not update your legal or preferred name. Please refer to “Change your Name” page on the Enrollment Services website for specific information regarding that process.

Visit the URI catalog site for more information regarding academic policies.


Per the University Catalog:

Graduation Honors for Undergraduate Students. Students who complete at least 60 GPA applicable credits at the University are eligible to graduate with honors. Except for the remedial course MTH 099, and courses offered through Cambridge Education Group (CEG 101, CEG 102, CEG 103), all courses, including those utilizing second grade option, are included in the calculation of the grade point average for graduation honors. The Commencement Program designates students who are eligible for honors based on grades at the time the Program is printed which is prior to the recording of final grades for the Spring semester, thus notations in the Program are subject to change. Final recognition of distinction for recording on the diploma and official transcripts is calculated after final grades are posted. Honors based on overall cumulative grade point average are as follows:

Summa cum laude: 3.70 or higher
Magna cum laude: 3.50 – 3.69
Cum laude: 3.30 – 3.49