The Rhode Island Genomics Sequencing Center Move

On July 1st the sequencing component of the University of Rhode Island Genomics and Sequencing Center (GSC) transferred to RI-INBRE. The Sanger sequencing equipment and Illumina MiSeq equipment were transferred to RI-INBRE and are now operational.  Janet Atoyan (GSC manager) will continue supervising the equipment as part of RI-INBRE.

Janet and the sequencing equipment are physically located in the RI-INBRE Centralized Research Core Facility (CRCF) space in Avedisian Hall at the University of Rhode Island.  A new cost center was established and is distinct from the CRCF and GSC. Janet will provide sequencing services Tuesday through Thursday for the foreseeable future and we are working out a system where users will be able to drop off sequencing samples in the Avedisian Hall mail delivery room on the second floor.

The sequencing services will be integrated with the current RI-INBRE Bioinformatics Core to provide a unified pipeline for users from sequencing to data analysis based on the needs of the user.  In the near future information about the rebranded Bioinformatics Core and provided services will be available.

Any questions about the move or services following the move can be directed to Janet Atoyan (sequencing) ( or Chris Hemme (bioinformatics) (