Computational Resources Available to MIC Users

At the MIC, we have a variety of resources available for use by Core users, as well as access to computational resources at URI.

MIC Computational Resources

The MIC maintains the following resources:

  • 2 Windows desktops for using in molecular modeling and VR
  • 3 Windows laptops dedicated to VR
  • Android and Apple tablets
  • Software licenses
    • Molecular Modeling Software
      • Molecular Operating Environment
      • Spartan
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • BioRender (team account)
    • Nanome (VR molecular visualization)

Computational Resources at URI

For more computationally intensive projects, URI maintains multiple high-performance computing clusters and has a collaboration with the Massachusetts High-Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC).  For cloud computing, URI uses Amazon Web Service (AWS).  You can find more information about URI’s computational resources by visiting IT Research Computing Services.

Additional Computational Resources

URI and RI-INBRE participate in the NIH STRIDES Initiative to increase access to and use of cloud computing resources for use in biomedical research.