Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

A quick peek on social media reveals that more and more businesses are using videos in their marketing strategy. The personal, memorable connections that videos make are able to drive sales—giving this small tactic a big impact.

But just how powerful is video? One RISBDC client increased their number of followers by 20% after posting an educational video of their services on Facebook. Because of this increase, Facebook allowed them to monetize their Facebook page.

RI SBDC business consultants Julie Loffredi and Lina Echeverry have worked with small business owners extensively to expand into this medium and reap the benefits of a small investment in time. Here, they share four reasons that your business will benefit from adding video to your marketing tactics.

Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video in its Marketing Toolbox

1.    Video increases engagement

Videos are incredibly valuable for increasing engagement and capturing the attention of an audience, and can be a great tool for explaining a product or service.

Most of our clients prefer to use video for their website or social media, many also choose to embed it into an email. YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all video-friendly platforms as well. These platforms allow your audience to share these videos with their friends and family—this expands your reach, which increases your overall engagement.

By looking at your engagement data—such as views, shares, and likes—you will be able to see which videos your prospective clients view the most.

2.    Video connects you with your audience

It’s important to connect with your audience at a personal level— bringing credibility and trust to convey how your product or service will provide a transformational experience, solve a problem, or satisfy a need. Creating trust and rapport with your audience can be difficult with just a photo or a few words. Videos are a sleek and simple way to communicate with your audience and share the value of your business.

To connect, it’s important to create content that will help to inform and educate your audience. When developing content, make a direct connection between your strengths and the problems they solve. You are an expert in your field—showcase that in your videos.

Creating videos that connect with your audience can be simple. If you own a retail store, do a video “tour” and show an online audience what it looks like inside. If you offer consulting, consider doing an Instagram Live Q&A with another expert.

3.    Video brings your brand to life

Video content amplifies your brand voice and your message. Videos can drive home your brand’s personality and give your business a voice of its own.

To display your confidence and expertise, speak in your videos as if you were talking to a friend or family member—in a calm and familiar tone. If this does not come naturally, practice with friends, coworkers or business advisors, solicit their feedback, and practice until your brand voice comes out naturally on camera.

4.    Video drives ROI

Since many businesses have to rely on email, website traffic, and social media to increase brand awareness, video is an effective way to gain new and loyal customers that you would not otherwise be able to reach. Videos are able to capture someone’s attention more than a photo or graphic. This means that you are more likely to reach your target audience and generate more leads.

A client of Lina Echeverry, a Business Counselor with the RISBDC, worked on a video with the goal of educating a client’s customers on the benefits of using a machine. As a result, the client booked 90% of her appointments and was able to sell more than $20,000 during her launch event. That’s the kind of ROI we love to see!

Technical tips for video marketing

The great news is that videos are becoming easier to create. You don’t need a large studio or big equipment to get the results you want. Follow the tips below to create a simple yet captivating video for your audience.

  • Smartphones have cameras with great quality! Use your phone camera to capture high-quality videos.
  • Try to shoot a video with the best lighting and acoustics. Be sure the videos are not too dark and that you are able to hear the audio clearly.
  • If you want to splurge, consider attaching a microphone.
  • If you want to graduate to more professional equipment, consider renting a camera before you make a big investment.
  • Once you record your video, easy-to-use editing programs can help you polish it up.

Have fun and get creative

Consider video an opportunity to develop your brand voice and have some fun with marketing. Not only do videos increase visibility, they do a fantastic job at quickly developing trust and customer loyalty—and that makes it worth the effort it takes to master the learning curve and begin using video to promote your brand. Be yourself, be trustworthy, and radiate confidence in your expertise.

Are you interested in more ways to increase your reach and drive sales for your business? Check out the RISBDC’s online trainings to deepen your knowledge on a wide variety of small business topics.