“Washburn Up” Student Podcasts


Emily Lynch: Assistant Teaching Professor, Political Science Department

Professor Emily Lynch, of URI’s Department of Political Science, asked her students in Rhode Island Politics course (PSC 305) to make podcasts on local political issues in Rhode Island. Topics range from affordable housing policy to proposed educational reforms. Find the podcasts below and have a listen! 

Ryan Estus‘ Podcast on School Committees in Rhode Island

Jonathan Leon’s, Gregory Manni’s, Kiersten Sundell’s Podcast on The Environment and Energy in Rhode Island

Meredith Wilkinson’s, Kacie Curran’s, and Bella Evangelista’s Podcast on Criminal Justice Reform in Rhode Island

Tyler Vanable’s Podcast on university and college curriculums in Rhode Island. 

Julia Melendez’s Podcast on the upcoming Seekonk River Soccer Stadium in Pawtucket and possible implications of the Rhode Island rent stability act.

Peter Remke’s and Isaiah Aponte’s Podcast on homelessness in Rhode Island: Actions taken so far in housing and what still needs to be done.

Rachel Severn’s Podcast on the police bill of rights in Rhode Island and its implications on our communities.

Kirsten Hauschildt’s and Chady Bandoma’s Podcast on the intersectionality of poverty and quality education in Rhode Island and the greater New England area.