Employee Reimbursement

Non-Travel Expenses

As of March 2021, non-travel reimbursement reports should be submitted electronically through the PeopleSoft Financials portal. 

Employees should plan ahead for expenses associated with conducting business on behalf of the University so payments can be made in accordance with University purchasing policy and guidelines. In the event that unexpected expenses arise, employees may receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs by submitting an expense reimbursement report using the PeopleSoft expense module on e-Campus Financials.  

PeopleSoft Expense Module on e-Campus Financials

For access to PeopleSoft Financials, submit the PS Financials Request for Security Access form, and check the T&E user box. For student access, a supervisor and a delegate must be provided on the form. The supervisor should be the student’s professor, and the delegate should be an administrative person from within the department.

Email completed forms to financials_e-campus@etal.uri.edu. When you’ve received approval, you can log into PeopleSoft on e-Campus Financials via the Faculty or Staff gateway. Once in PeopleSoft, users should navigate to the Travel and Expense Module to add delegates and set up direct deposit to expedite the reimbursement process.

Completing Electronic Expense Reimbursement Reports

Users should refer to the Non-Travel Expense Reimbursement Guide for step-by-step instructions on creating, modifying, and submitting an expense reimbursement report in PeopleSoft. Expense backup is required for each expense line on a reimbursement report. Backup – such as receipts, invoices, or order slips – must show the amount paid, payment method, and payer name. If backup does not include the required information, users should attach a copy of their credit card or bank statement showing their name and the correlating transaction, with all sensitive information redacted. Payer name on expense backup must match the name on the electronic expense reimbursement report. Employees are not permitted to receive reimbursement for expenses paid for by another individual.

*Please note that URI is a tax-exempt institution, and therefore does not reimburse for taxes associated with out-of-pocket expenses.

For additional help and information, contact Kristen Scott in the Accounting Office to schedule a meeting.