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GreenTeamRegImageThe Green Teams program helps campus staff and faculty who are interested in living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle to “green” their office operations with the support of the URI Sustainability Office. Designating a Green Ambassador and forming a Green Team is the first step in certifying your office as a Green Office. The Green Team program is a stepping-stone to getting faculty and staff involved in a responsible green lifestyle which simultaneously helps the campus move toward achieving goals outlined in the URI Strategic Plan for Campus Sustainability and the URI Climate Action Plan.

As the main point of contact for your office, your designated Green Ambassador leads the way for others to follow and is in charge of pulling together colleagues in your department, floor, or building wing, etc., who are interested in participating and forming a Green Team. Most important, the Green Ambassador provides support to other team members and encourages them to follow through with their commitment to “go green.”

Start with a small group of colleagues who are interested or already living in a sustainable way. You and your colleagues can then promote green living within your office or work area. Your team will have access to all the resources that the program provides, which will help in your green endeavors. Resources such as the Green Team Introduction presentation, posters, and a sample recruiting email to your colleagues, will be useful tools in organizing and recruiting your team. Your team can use these resources and tools in promoting green lifestyle choices to people in your work area. Once the majority of your office has joined in with your commitment you can apply for Green Office Certification.

You can start with simple changes. Small steps such as recycling, re-using scrap paper, double side printing, and unplugging unused electronics will be great first steps to getting your Green Team going in a positive direction. To help you and your team get started use this Start Up Kit . This kit will give you and your team the resources and knowledge you need to succeed as a Green Team.

By working as a Green Team you will be helping the university to not only reduce waste but also reverse the habits many have learned which are harmful to our environment. The Green Team program gives you the education and support you and your colleagues need in order to make the most out of your green efforts.

To register your office complete this form with your contact information and an inventory of your office space.

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URI Green Teams

Office/Department Green Ambassador Contact Information
Ocean Science &
Exploration Center (OSEC)
Caitlin Luder
Writing and Rheoteric Donna Hayden
CBLS, Fourth Floor Chandu Dondeti
Campus Planning & Design/
Business Services
Karen O’Neil
Wakefield House Mary Brennan
Environmental Health & Safety Stacey Snow
Alumni Relations
Think Big We Do

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