Holly Tran thinks green by re-using with flair

TranHollyThinkerGraduation Year:  Class of 2013
Major:  Biological Sciences
Hometown:  Middletown, RI


What does sustainability mean to you?
Sustainability means being mindful of resources and personal impacts on not only that immediate moment, but also the near and distant future. It means creating and maintaining an environment in which the beauty of life can live on for generations. 

Which URI project or program related to sustainability should we be
the most proud of?

I think URI’s gravitation towards a more sustainable campus is commendable. It’s great to see students make a conscious effort to recycle (correctly) and campus staff taking care to place items in their respective receptacles, instead of having the paper products intermingled with the trash pile. I was also ecstatic about the First Annual Tree Planting behind Swan Hall to commemorate Earth Day. Hopefully this practice, and many more, continues for years to come. I think the new green buildings on campus are great. They set the standard for surrounding businesses, and challenge students and faculty alike to consider their impact on sustainability.


How are you involved with campus sustainability at URI?
Within the student organizations I’m involved with, I make an effort to minimize paper usage—printing half-sheets for flyers as opposed to the full sheets produced in previous years, and making sure to purchase recycled paper for our office printing purposes. And once we have spreads with edits, the sheets get saved for notes or are put into the green bin!

What can URI do to be greener?
URI can continue to encourage and bolster the sustainability mindset—like through exploration of this webpage! It’s great when students are able to learn about conservative practices or environmental issues they can directly influence either through activism or personal choices.
*(As a side note, I submitted the photo below when URI was in search of a picture depicting our idea of sustainability on campus. This photo, taken at the Bay campus, includes a representation of land, air, and water. The branches symbolize that all elements and our actions are intertwined and interdependent.)

BayCampus_HTranWhat do you do in your personal life to be green?
I bring a creative flair to my green-ness. I have a green house in my room, where I’ve planted green beans, tomatoes, florals, a tropical plant, and a spruce tree. For the starter pots, I used washed out yogurt cups and frozen food trays. Just a few days ago, I transplanted the bean stalks into a large container—the plastic ones my spinach came in. Look in my room, and you’ll see pencil holders made from salsa jars and Spam containers. There’s a potential use for everything.