URI professor’s book on Coastal Governance illuminates policy debates about coastal lands, waters

Burroughs_CoastGovern200 Author calls Deepwater Horizon oil spill “a failure of governance”
Managing the often conflicting demands for using America’s coastlines is an increasing challenge, but a new book by a University of Rhode Island professor is shedding light on how policies are developed and implemented. The author said it’s a subject that all coastal residents should become more familiar with.
“To a certain extent, all coastal citizens are policy players already,” said Richard Burroughs, URI professor of marine affairs. “We watched the Deepwater Horizon drillship burn. We eat fish. We expect access to beaches. And the water that many of us flush goes to estuaries and bays. In short, the interests and needs of coastal citizens shape environments, and we need to improve our ability to further common interests concerning the coast.