Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

Overview Rocky Mountain Wood ticks appear quite similar to American dog ticks (Dermacentor variabilis) and are found predominantly in shrublands, lightly wooded areas, open grasslands, and along trails, mainly at subalpine elevations in the Mountain and northwest Pacific regions. All life stages of this tick can transmit Colorado tick fever virus (CTFV) to humans, and […]

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Pacific Coast Tick

Overview Pacific Coast ticks are human-biting ticks with a broad host range, found predominantly in shrublands, chaparral, and along trails from Oregon to northern Baja California and Mexico. Pacific Coast ticks are the most common tick found nearly throughout California but are easily confused with other less common Dermacentor ticks found along the western coastal […]

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Western-Blacklegged Tick

Overview This tick is widely distributed in Pacific Coast states and British Columbia in Canada. It is the principal vector of Lyme disease bacteria and several other disease-causing germs. It is especially abundant along northern coastal habitats and the western Sierra Nevada range. Pockets of distribution have been reported eastward in Utah and Nevada. These […]

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