About Us

Our Mission

The URI Women’s Center partners with others in the URI community to provide an empowering space which promotes social justice for every member of the community, regardless of gender, gender identity, body, ability, sexual orientation, race, spirituality, and ethnicity. Community members are encouraged to engage and foster continual dialogue on gender and issues that disproportionately affect woman-identified persons and their allies. By developing, supporting and advocating woman-identified persons’ abilities, talents, values and diverse identities, the URI Women’s Center supports all university students, faculty and staff in expanding their positive potential, agency and life experience.

Our Vision

The URI Women’s Center’s presence on the Kingston campus is recognized, appreciated, and valued as a precious and integral aspect of the University. We envision a community committed to social justice and to:

  • Encourage and advocate for a community committed to gender equity and free from violence and oppression
  • Create a campus culture where all people can feel valued and safe
  • Facilitate and strengthen connections among people across lines of difference to foster balance and equity to strive for a stronger sense of inclusive community

By cultivating an empowered community for all regardless of gender identity or gender expression, the URI Women’s Center maintains and nurtures positive energy, information and support to break the silence on interpersonal violence, educate on gender, sexuality (mind and body), health, human rights and discrimination.